Monday, December 8, 2008

Top 10 interview questions of 2008

Hi all,

Feel free to add a comment with interesting technical questions that you received in interviews during this year.

At the end of the week i will collect the best ten of them and publish here.Also i would like you to share the company that interviewed you but this is not really necessary.

Due to small number of comments received the top is canceled this year.


Anonymous said...

I was a student in the second year when my future boss asked my "How can you prove that an algorithm is doing what it is supporsed to do?" I'm not sure I really now the right answer:)

Daniel said...

Given a sequence of integers find the maximum and minimum using less than 2n/3 comparisons.

eden said...

vericule,da' de ce este in englezeste?...da'n olteneste,in olteneste nu se putea?....revenind la topic ( na,ca stiu si eu cuvinte dastia)....'de ce sunt capacele de canalizare rotunde?'

Sanziana said...

What means volatile in c? (from my pal Costinu)

Sanziana said...

O sa ai oare 10 intrebari pentru Top 10?

Revenind, mi-am adus aminte de niste intrebari clasice(de la un test de la S&T): ce inseamna polimorfism, serializare, mostenire in java? Cum functioneaza garbage collector?

In general, despre test: e ok. Pacat ca remuneratia e (mult) prea mica pentru un stagiu.

Daniel said...

It is likely that i won't get 10 questions :) , perhaps next year will be better.
Anyway , my blog is not so popular for the moment.